Super Smash Bros Ultimate: A Stunning Sendoff to the Nearly 3-year-old Title

I realize I’m a few days off for this reveal, but moving across the country will do that to you. I didn’t even get to see the reveal until half a day after it happened. That being said, I think that this is a great way to end off the second fighter pack and close out the game’s run. He’s been a character the fans have wanted in the games for a long time now and it is impressive that Sakurai was able to pull it off.

Disney is pretty protective of its IPs, so there had to be a lot of hoops for Nintendo to jump through to finally get this to happen. His model and animations look fantastic, as well, as all the fighters have been. The team’s dedication and attention to detail is always a treat to see and that’s no different here.

Sora is going to be a mixed fighter by the look of his reveal, sporting melee and magic abilities, which is in line with his appearances in Kingdom Hearts. Unlike some other characters added into the game like Ryu and Ken, I think Sora’s design and floaty animations look right at home with the other characters from the roster.

I know some people out there will be disappointed that their character choices didn’t get picked instead, but please be respectful to Sakurai and his team, because they’ve worked so hard on Ultimate for its entire tenure. While we still haven’t seen an official Waluigi addition to the game, Project M did a good job filling that void in their own roster, especially since they made a truly wonderful reveal trailer, that you can watch here.

Also, it’s important to remember that they will most likely be shaving the roster in the next Smash game, unless they get the rights to everyone for a second game. This isn’t the end for the series and there will be plenty to look forward to in the future.

Sora will be releasing as the last fighter for pack 2 on October 18, and I look forward to seeing how he feels to play. Have a good week, everyone, and stay safe!



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Roseline Herbert

Roseline Herbert


A pop-journalist in her twenty-somethings that engulfs herself in nerd culture, such as anime, tabletop gaming, and video gaming.