Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon — A Series Rising From the Ashes

Yesterday, the newest FromSoftware title following Elden Ring was revealed at The Game Awards, and it just so happened to be a new release from a decade-untouched series from their roots.

The last game in the Armored Core series — Armored Core: Verdict Day — was released in 2013. Since then, the series has laid mostly dormant, leaving fans of the series craving more of the punishingly difficult, but highly rewarding mech combat they’ve come to know and love.

However, FromSoftware’s recent laser-focus on the Dark Souls series and the titles adjacent to them have left fans waiting far longer than any dedicated fanbase should have to. The reveal trailer is expertly shot with scenes of a dark, war-ravaged landscape and the highly-detailed machines that occupy it. If the attention to detail and amazingly crafted trailer is indicative of the game to follow it, I think we’re all in for one of the best mech games ever made.

As someone who more recently started paying attention to the series, this comes as a good sign for both old and new fans alike, since FromSoftware’s reputation for quality games has allowed Armored Core to reach far more people than it did before just from studio recognition alone. I’ll be keeping an eye on this title as we continue to get more information on it.

While other titles shown at The Game Awards caught my eye as well, such as Supergiant’s Hades II, none caught my interest like this return to form from the famed developers of the Souls franchise.



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Roseline Herbert

A pop-journalist in her twenty-somethings that engulfs herself in nerd culture, such as anime, tabletop gaming, and video gaming.