Activision Blizzard: Another One Bites the Dust

Lexi Herbert
3 min readJul 26, 2021

Content Warning: Abuse, Sexual Harassment, and Suicide

I’m sure that everyone in the gaming sphere has heard about the allegations against Activision Blizzard, and the lawsuit that the state of California is taking them to court for. However, for those unacquainted with the subject: Activision Blizzard was investigated for claims of discriminatory behavior to their female employees, including sexual harassment and lack of equal payment and opportunities. On top of this, the company failed to properly take care of the situation, instead opting to punish their female workers when complaints were made. Now, they have to deal with a suit and the evidence is damning against them.

If you’d like to read the document, an article on The Verge has it in full to read, although look at it with caution if these subjects are hard for you.

This company’s actions are disgusting, unforgivable, and probably unfixable at this point. I definitely won’t be trusting them moving forward, and they won’t get any money or coverage from me in the future.

Not only did they perpetuate an abusive environment, but didn’t do anything when that office culture led to the suicide of a woman after she received harassment, including nude photos of her being passed around. The other women who had complaints got taken off of projects, transferred against their will to other units, and even laid off in some cases.

People left over from the Gamergate movement are standing up for the company and will continue to do so, as this is the culture they perpetuate, since they don’t believe women should be gamers. They’re the same people who think women who stream on Twitch are nothing but sex appeal, and even if these women love the games they play, they’ll never be “real gamers” to these men. This needs to stop, and any attempt for people like them to defend these issues should be snuffed out and shut down.

We need to band together and do what we can to hold these companies accountable and strip this culture away from the industry entirely, no matter what that takes. It’s not like Activision Blizzard is the only company with these issues, as Ubisoft has faced similar claims recently, and Riot Games has also been accused in the past. Stop supporting these companies. Stop giving them the power to keep doing this.

There is an issue I do want to address, however, from those who are reacting with disdain (as they should). They’re claiming that Gaming Journalists should not be trusted if they cover Blizzard games in the future, but please don’t take them down with the companies they work for. Many people who work for these companies are there to work and may not be able to step away from their positions, but be told to cover these games in the future. I can refuse because I don’t work for a company, but some may not have a choice. Please keep that in mind and tear down those who are at fault and not those who aren’t to blame. That being said: please call out anyone who is outright defending these companies in articles, as they are part of the problem.

So, what can you do to help go against Activision Blizzard? Boycott their games and refuse to give them money or publicity, because they will feel a hit if enough people join in. While there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, there is still something we can do to wound these companies. Hell, even go out there and protest them at their own events. Make sure they feel the consequences of their actions.

I, for one, refuse to give them anything from here on out, and I was a fan of some of their work. I can’t take the money I gave them back, but I can refuse to give them more in the future, and so can you.



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